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Relevant Church 1st Anniversary Dinner


We are very excited to have our 1st Anniversary Dinner! Our theme is "The Power of One." The dinner will be on May 30th from 7pm-9pm.  The location of the dinner is Mathews County Rescue Squad 94 Cricket Hill Rd. Mathews VA 23019. Attire for the evening will be semi-formal and childcare is available at our church campus, which is within 5 miles of the dinner venue. The childcare staff is made up of well-trained professionals with comprehensive experience. 



No set cost, just a donation! We would like for you to celebrate with us and we did not want money to be an issue! As you may know providing dinner and childcare can be costly, and your donation will help offset the expenses for this magnificent evening!



Donate online by using the button below after donating you will be directed to the registration page. If you plan to donate in person please use the registration form located below. If you have issues please email







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