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This Academy will have powerful dynamic teaching that will provide you with principles and a perspective that will take your leadership to the next level.

Single (18+): $40.00 (covers all classes & supplies)

$10.00 class by class payment

Couples: $60 (covers all classes & supplies)

$15.00 class by class payment

Students(under 18): $20 (Covers all classes & supplies)

$5.00 class by class payment 

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LEADERSHIP ACADEMY is designed to provide relevant teaching to leaders and becoming leaders to perfect the leadership qualities that reside on the inside of them through Christian principles.


Leaders will receive understanding of these biblical principles to have success leading in the Family, Church, School, Career and Corporate setting.


Week 1: "What is My Why?" (What Drives Me?)
Inspiration, Passion, Persistence

Week 2: "Creating and Maintaining Healthy Leadership Structure" 
Transparency, Authenticity, Accountability, Integrity 

Week 3: "Busy vs. Progress" 
Focus, Patience, Endurance

Week 4: "Being A Leader" 
Confidence, Innovation, Open-Mindedness,

Week 5: "Leader to Follower"

(Relationships with those you lead)
Empowerment, Positivity, Generosity

Week 6: "Healthy Leadership"
Decisiveness, Personableness, Communication

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